Pimp it up : 4 Alloys. Under 3k. In 2 hours.

First things first. This is not done by professionals. This is the result of a lazy Saturday afternoon and a couple of cans of Plasti Dip. And a few beers.


Here are the Before and After photographs. By the way, the Before photograph shows you a threadbare excuse of a design which is actually the company standard alloys of a 2011 Hyundai Verna.

But as you can see in the After photograph, there is no problem a couple of cans of Plasti Dip can’t solve.

Have a look at the 10 second hyper lapse of the first coat. We did 3 coats each with a 10 minute gap. Plasti Dip is actually the name of the brand, the product is really a peelable, flexible, insulating, non-slip, durable, rubber coating as quoted by them. We did a 3 coat and it looked pretty good but an extra coat won’t hurt.

Now that all 4 of them were done. We were confident. So confident that we were ready for more Plasti Dip. That’s one problem with Plasti Dip, its addictive. You would want to Plasti Dip everything.

So now that the decision seemed practically unanimous, we scrambled for newspapers to cover the sides of the hood and grill. Here is the video of the first coat on the hood.

Once the hood and grill were done, we had a specialist install the plates. :D
We got carried away. But just a little bit. And yes, we did the side mirrors too.
Sigh. And the door handles.
Didn’t leave out much I guess. And we changed the number plate too. The last one had a fugly font.

And BOOM! Here you go.

Thanks for reading. And coming up next :

Actual photo of the new headlights we put for this Verna.