Chapter 4: Sub-internship

How To Achieve Your Dream Residency: The Future Surgeon’s Guide to 4th Year

The sub-internship represents your transition from third year to the work of an intern. Aim to complete it by early October. You are expected to take on more responsibility for more patients, but you are spared the stress of preparing for a shelf exam. This is what you have been working for, so try to see it as an opportunity rather than a burden.

Your goals should be to gain clinical skill, honor the rotation and, most importantly, earn a letter of recommendation. Show up early, stay late, and take ownership of the team’s patients. Endeavor to make the team function efficiently as a whole. Never sacrifice the prioritization of your specific patients, but recognize that you will stand out if you are able to stay abreast of those patients not assigned to you. Any help you provide here will be appreciated and noticed. Also take note that you are no longer the bottom rung on the ladder. If you have junior medical students on your team, take up the mantle of teaching them.