Why In The Hell Hasn’t Donald Trump Jr. Already Moved to South America?

Flickr/Gage Skidmore

Last night, I was out at a bar near Kalorama in Washington DC. The girl I was drinking with mentioned that we were only a mile from houses owned by the Obamas and Jared Kushner/Ivanka Trump. The houses have become a sort of tourist attraction, though, rightfully so, it’s tough to get too close to them.

Unsurprisingly, the houses of both families are incredible; and, to be honest, they deserve it. Even if you don’t like the Obamas or Javanka, it’s hard to argue that they don’t work hard. Kalorama is a neighborhood swelling with powerful lobbyists and politicians. I’d give my right arm to interview the people in one of those rooms. Both the Kushners and the Obamas are incredibly smart, they’ve leveraged their political ties to make millions. One could even argue that Jared Kushner is the most Machiavellian person in the lot.

But while there are brilliant people in that upscale DC neighborhood, there are others who haven’t yet lived up to the Washington allure. DC is a tough town to make your mark, if Machiavelli were alive today, he’d almost certainly hang around in the velvet-lined bars in America’s capitol. President Trump is one of those who hasn’t lived up to that allure, and there are reports that he never ingratiated himself with the common folk of New York either. Personally, I know a very trustworthy and good man who used to drive his limo, and described an unimpeachable character, thus I withhold my judgement.

However, Donald Trump Jr. is a man who is hard to defend. The eldest son of the president has repeatedly displayed his incompetency in prime form. It’s important to note that he only released that string of emails after he was informed that by the New York Times that they had them. The argument that he was transparent is ludicrous. And to prove it, he never bothered to mention that there was also a former Russian counter-intelligence agent-turned-lobbyist in the room. President Trump has defended his son — if I came home with a “C” on my report card, my father worked me over. I can’t imagine what he would have done if, in some fluke, he’d become president and I undermined the Oval Office.

So the question remains, what in the hell is wrong with Donald Trump Jr.? More likely than not, he’s just stupid. The New York Post recently ran a headline entitled, Donald Trump Jr is an Idiot. And, they’re not wrong, there are those on the left who like to portray Jr. as some sort of traitorous ghoul. He’s not, he’s just some stupid kid.

Opposition research is a cottage industry in Washington. However, it’s not normal to get oppo research from a foreign government. President Trump said that “anybody would have taken that meeting.” He’s wrong. Oppo research is often funded by supporters of a campaign rather than by the campaign itself. Sometimes, it’s really weird and you just don’t buy it, as was the case in the Russia dossier. But the idea that this was typical oppo research is absurd. As soon as Donald Trump Jr. saw the email detailing the Russian government, he new something strange was afoot. He probably should have called the FBI. And yet he has refused to back down. But, he won’t go to prison, he’s not a traitor. He’s just a stupid kid. And maybe, just maybe, that’s almost as bad?

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