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You probably came across a few articles like this one or this one mentioning thing like:

A majority of companies say lack of access to software developers is a bigger threat to success than lack of access to capital.

In other words, in today’s age, naming your technology leader(s) will be one of the most important decision of your company’s life.

But let’s start with one for you, the decision maker,

What do you expect from your CTO?

A great project manager, business manager or a great technology leader?

Software architecture, ops, mathematics, cybersecurity, stability, artificial intelligence but also… Negotiation…

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SportsTechX is the #1 source for data & insights about the Sports Tech ecosystem. They do an incredible job federating this community around the world.

Below is a glimpse of the upcoming European Sport Tech study they will release next week.

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Learnings from the near-death experience of Hockey Community

November 2018, Montreal, Canada.

My name is Alex, I just turned 30.

I think I just went through a startup midlife crisis. I can’t believe it took me eight difficult entrepreneurial years to understand what you are about to read.

August 2010, Vancouver, Canada.

I started Hockey Community (HC) with my roommates with one goal in mind: make hockey more accessible through technology.

I was 22, inexperienced, but ready to work hard.

So. Much. Work.

In true startup fashion, we spent eight relentless years designing, coding, and marketing our app.

Our front-end “team” of 1.5 developers went from jQuery mobile to the Intel app framework then our own 100% Vanilla JS…

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A.I. Artificial Intelligence 2001

I truly enjoyed this presentation by Benedict Evans from Andreessen Horowitz. Had to watch it a couple times to digest and measure the importance of what he’s trying to explain. Here are my three takeaways:

1. “Your margin is my opportunity”, Jeff Bezos.

This famous quote makes a bit more sense now. It makes me wonder if there will be something between platforms like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. and platform’s consumers. Pretty much the rest of us.

Should we all aim at being a platform? Will the power of your company be only exponential if shared with others? Can we build a strong business without reinforcing another?

2. AI means “one company per customer”


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Like most of you, our company increasingly relies on lines of code. At Decathlon, we are trying to adapt our culture to better prepare ourselves for the digital switch we are all living. In February 2016, we organized our first Hackathlon and Guillaume Gustin (@guillaumegus) and I were lucky to be invited by Google to their annual conference so we thought we would share what we have learned.

Disclosure: Our company hires 80,000 people across 30+ countries. This post may not reflect the opinions of our colleagues or our company. But we sure hope so!

That being said, here’s our…

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It feels that traditional videos are slowly losing their mojo. The abundance of great content online has already reduced our attention span dramatically but it may also be saturating our minds from great stories.

Is this the end of scripted stories?

People are tired of hearing about our products or whatever we have to sell them. We need to do something about it and the solution may be behind the scenes videos. They are incredible at building trust with your audience. Why?

  • They force us to be natural and transparent. No lies.
  • They put names and faces behind a product.

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Watch the video above. This is how deadmau5 found the voice for his track called “The Veldt” which then became one of his biggest hits. This video contains a number of hidden lessons worth mentioning:

Being lucky has never been easier. Luck at its simplest form is often reduced to the encounter of two people who complete each other. In this case an instrumental artist need a vocal artist, in an other you may have two travellers swapping places (Airbnb) or an entrepreneur seeking a company looking for innovative ideas to work, etc.

In short, we have all the…

Whatsapp, Instagram and the next superpowers you won’t see coming.

Dear Power. We used to see you coming.

You were growing in companies one employee at time or one store at the time. You would buy patents all over, build massive headquarters and spend a ridiculous amount of your money to impress us or maybe just to scare us.

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We were not surprised by your financial reports: you were worth a lot of money. We all knew it anyway.

But things have changed.

The greatest entrepreneurs have learned how to secretly grow power in the dark.

Let’s put it another way, if we are able to see how fast your company grows or why you’re successful you may be doing something wrong. Or may just be too slow. Tomorrow the greatest…

Alex Toul

Building technology for Decathlon Canada to make sport more accessible. Say hi!

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