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A.I. Artificial Intelligence 2001

I truly enjoyed this presentation by Benedict Evans from Andreessen Horowitz. Had to watch it a couple times to digest and measure the importance of what he’s trying to explain. Here are my three takeaways:

1. “Your margin is my opportunity”, Jeff Bezos.

This famous quote makes a bit more sense now. It makes me wonder if there will be something between platforms like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. and platform’s consumers. Pretty much the rest of us.

Should we all aim at being a platform? Will the power of your company be only exponential if shared with others? Can we build a strong business without reinforcing another?

2. AI means “one company per customer”

Just as we built a Google for everyone, we want to build each user his or her own Google. Sundar Pichai, Google CEO.

AI will take personalization to the next level and force companies to build “a company for each user”. But personalizing and curating may not be enough. AI will make it possible to predict and change people’s behaviour, hopefully for the better.

In my industry — sport — this is incredibly important as we have the opportunity to go from an industry where we wait people want to practice sport to an industry where we would stimulate their desire to go out, play sports and meet people through personalized services.

3. Invisible commerce is on its way

Removing questions, clicks, interfaces or even the need to think seems to be where the future of commerce is heading. With the internet of things arriving, a big chunk of commerce will become completely invisible.

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