Hi. I have a question.
Ali Afzal

Ali Afzal — book value would relate to the amount of assets (in this case, different cryptocurrencies) held by Iconomi (the organization) itself. The market capitalization of the Iconomi coin (ICN) is based on investors/holders’ perception of the future value of the Iconomi technology platforms (that use the ICN coin to work).

For example, at the time of this writing (7/5/17), ICN is priced at $3.64 per token. Since there are 87 million tokens, that is a market cap of $316.68 million. Pure speculation aside, that implies that investors / holders of ICN think Iconomi’s platforms will be that valuable or capable of producing that amount of value in the future.

The important distinction to make is that Iconomi’s book value is driven by what assets they hold and the coin value is driven by supply/demand dynamics for the ICN token, which is largely based on the perceived future value of Iconomi’s developed platforms.

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