What it takes to create a successful ICO? How expensive it is? Your complete guide
Merunas Grincalaitis

I think the smart contract prices are extremely exorbitant.

That being said this is a very well written article however I see a few problems (from my perspective) with regards to the smart contract development.

Charging $200/hr is absolutely insane in my opinion. Taking 3 weeks to write a secure crowdfunding contract is even more insane unless you’re doing some extremely crazy innovative crowdfunding platform that’s never been done before. Frankly I’m stunned people think of asking for that much, and require that much time to write a simple crowdfunding contract or ICO contract. The ICO contracts are nothing new and have been done thousands of times before.

The smart contract part of this article points out a VERY big problem in the smart contract industry right now which is charging of ridiculous prices that wouldn’t stand anywhere else.

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