Although it’s true that some poeple charge too much for an ICO Smart Contract, the price depends on…
Merunas Grincalaitis

Thanks for the well-thought out response!

You make an extremely valid point that there is a lot of code out that is indeed completely useless, however I think that is due to the nature of Blockchain and smart contracts with them being so new, and having so few people that actually truly understand smart contracts, what they do, and so on.

Ah I see what you’re saying when you say 3 weeks, for something like that with voting systems and so on I can see it definitely taking 3 weeks I think I had an image in mind as to what you meant which was an incorrect assumption on my part.

I’m actually a smart contract developer myself. Generally I bill at 75 hour. I’ve been in the Blockchain scene for years now, but still can’t justify paying more than 75 an hour.

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