My First 90 Days In Network Marketing

The Good, The Bad, and The Remarkable.

Three months flew by, and I haven’t even noticed.

I’ve been excited, amazed, and simply blown away at times. I’ve also been frustrated, annoyed and plain angry. Such a colorful range of emotions. Have I thought of giving up? Not once. You don’t quit any business after just three months. Have I asked myself what the hell was I thinking? Plenty of times.

Here is the good, the bad, and the remarkable.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I can remember. However, I’ve always invested and built traditional businesses. Network Marketing Businesses? I freaking hated it. ( more on how and why I went from hating to loving it here).

I’ve had very successful ventures that I grew to eight figure valuation, and I’ve had some nasty failures. The range of investments? From 15k to several million. The pressure has been unbearable at times. It’s hard to tell what’s worse: risking 15k of pretty much all the money you have or risking a ton of money you borrowed/raised.

Now, let’s take a look at the harsh reality. To start a business in the US today requires 65k on average. The failure rate? 95% go broke in the first five years in business! That is 95% chance you will lose your money!!! Compare that to starting a business in a Network Marketing Company. In most cases, the investment is below 1k and potential earnings are LIMITLESS! 
I love it and who wouldn’t!

Over the years, I’ve developed a simple rule. If I fail to close a deal, it’s my fault. It’s never my customers, product, economy or any other reason/excuse. I simply look at what I could have done better and improve it. Then I find the way to go back. Until I close. As simple as that. In traditional business, we sell with emotion, and we close with logic.

That for me is where the frustration would creep in. 
Emotion in network marketing is quite often overbearing. Passion sometimes borders obsession. You get that feeling, just like in “Goodfellas”: you belong! You get hooked. You want everyone to join you. You can’t take no for an answer.

And then you get frustrated. How the hell can’t this guy see a once in a lifetime opportunity I’m so kindly sharing?! What is the matter with this member who just ignores all the attempts to help her launch? Why did I get involved with this ignorant, stubborn bunch? Why wouldn’t they want to make more money and improve their lives? God forbid I get to hear the word pyramid again. I’m ready to go Jo Pesci from the “Goodfellas” on them!
Chill. Share the opportunity. Spread the word. Help the blind see. That’s what I’ve learned so far. And it is starting to work.

What has been remarkable is the people. 
Within 90 days I’ve met more like-minded, driven, and simply awesome entrepreneurs than I met in the past several years. With a few of them, I became friends. We clicked in an instant. We share ideas. We work together, and we have fun together. When I need a little boost, an extra pitch of motivation I call them. We always have time to support and help each other. We push and inspire one another. 
You can’t beat this feeling. The feeling of one big family working towards common goals.

We belong.

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