Why I Hated Network Marketing & How I Fell In Love With It

Oh boy, how much I used to despise those weirdos involved in network marketing! If you have ever been at one of their events, I’m sure you understand what I’m saying. All this hype and crazy enthusiasm, jumping up and down with their hands in the air like at a rave party and shouting funny slogans. Don’t even get me started on how ecstatically annoying they are, talking about the magical qualities of their products for hours and hours. It all looked to me more like a cult than a business establishment at the time.

I am an entrepreneur. I get it. Your network is your net worth. The residual income. The lifestyle. Yet, for years I’ve been stubbornly resisting even looking at such businesses, let alone getting involved. In fact, I hated it.

When I turned thirty, my allergic asthma got so bad the doctors prescribed meds to use almost every hour. I believed there should be a better way and started looking around. After some research, as usual, by complete coincidence, I mentioned my problem to a friend of mine. He suggested, what else, one of those so much hated by me MLM companies.

We usually strongly dislike something when we don’t entirely understand it. When I hear someone telling me, I hate Twitter but love Facebook what it usually means is I don’t understand Twitter. Cause believe you me, if you get the power of social media, you will use all of them. Provided you understand how they work.

It was time for me to understand network marketing companies. So, I asked my friend about the products. I enrolled. I started using them. Don’t hold your breath; there weren’t any instantaneous miracles, but for some reason, I stuck with it for the next six months. It was then when things started to turn around. I dramatically reduced the dosage of my regular meds and increased my intake of the products from the network marketing company.

Fast forward a few years. I’m completely free of using meds regularly, and only would use them once or twice a year! I was hooked. I believed. I fell in love. Still, I didn’t see myself joining in a business building until a few years later.

What swayed me was one particular company that has been shattering record after record and has set new trends in the industry. The growth they achieved is astonishing. The product line is mind blowing. I jumped, and never looked back. Have I made a million dollars yet? Not even close. But I’m sticking with it. Why? Some believe, and some don’t. I just know.

Had I quit using the products too soon, I would never have discovered their amazing healing power. Persistence bears results. Strategy and commitment to your goals make the path clear. When your pain is big enough, you will do it. No doubt about it. I did it. And I’m doing it again.

Have I mentioned the magical qualities of our products yet? The residual income it can generate? Or the lifestyle? Sorry If I haven’t, but I’ll certainly do so at our next event where we’ll be jumping up and down and shouting our funny slogans with this annoying enthusiasm and excitement. The power of togetherness is immeasurable. The pleasure of making new great friends is priceless.

Your network is your net worth.