A call to reframe the distorted lives of drug addicts by the ‘SAJE House’

Lake Worth, Florida; March 9, 2017: An event recently organized by the ‘SAJE House’ gave a direct call to all the drug addicts who actually yearn to change their miserable conditions. ‘SAJE House’ openly offered a helping hand to all the drug patients and supported an assurance of a definite positive change.

In a speech subjected by Alexander Vandervert, the founder of the ‘SAJE House’ notifies the major problem of drug obsession among youth and how it harms their life. He said “It is unfortunate that our enthusiastic youth, who should live a healthy and positive life, are tending towards the most unsafe darkness of drugs. Drug is a silent killer of the society. We can’t let this happen anymore to our innocent people, it’s our responsibility to bring them back on the right path. And, that’s why my team and I explored the idea of ‘SAJE House’. Our foundation encourages people to maintain a distance from nasty drugs and dependence on substance.

With his very determined and clear speech, Alexander pointed out the chronicle drug addiction. He subjected the matter on the global platform through his successful press conference and also talked about the previous hazards of the drug addiction.

The ‘SAJE House’ team distributed pamphlets and educated about the serious effects of drug on an individual’s life. The team also demonstrated how drug addiction can pull a person in deep haze of darkness and how it isolates him/her from the society. A complete team work was presented by the sober house of Florida in order to stage this vital topic on the larger platform.

There were a number of people, who were gathered to attend the event. Overall, the event was a huge success.

About the ‘SAJE House’:

The ‘SAJE House’ is located in Lake Worth, Florida (Palm Beach County) USA. The only goal of the organization is to direct youth towards the right direction. It has living homes for all its patients. The house has been specifically designed to give a comfort, security, and efficiency along with the right atmosphere to its in mates.

The Palm Beach colony sustains a dynamic shape and lively, healthy & faithful communities. It offers encouragement and offers positive atmosphere to the patients which help them in their faster recovery.

Official address:

Lake Worth, Florida, US

Contact Number: 954–789–7655

Email Address: contact@sajehouse.com

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