Who I Am?, Who I will be?

I’m Alex.

I’m a mechanical engineer, based on Vigo. I’m 23 years old, and right now, I work as a Community Manager in ABANCA innova.

How did I end up here?

Well, when I was working at SETGA, a provider of public illumination, I saw an AD on Facebook claiming for talent, new ideas and creativity.

So… I decided to try, and applied. To my surprise, I was selected among boys and girls of all Spain.

I proceeded to develop my own Idea with the resources of a big entity. Test my idea with an MVP, starting to develop SEM campaings, making a website, all kinds of different things to make my project work.

With some luck, I managed to suceed in the various phases of the program, and I ended up with a one-year-contract in ABANCA innova.

My work here has evolved, but mainly I’m the community manager of the website, and I work hard on SEO and blogging. Meanwhile I develop my project on my free time.

I like design, so I studied a MS on Product Design in the ESDesign Barcelona university. A very pleasant experience, but a lot of hard work involved.

I also recently found the Photography as a way of liberation and expressing myself, and I post my pictures in my IG account.

I run half-marathons, and planning on completing a full marathon on April of 2018.

Emotionally I’m looking pretty bad. Not the best moment.

And…that’s myself as 27–09–2017, I will come back in a month, and tell something more about my life. I plan to post one time a month… And tell my lifestory.