Zunami protocol is causing a tsunami in DeFi market

Greetings to all readers. Today we’re going to analyze a new DeFi project that is ready to offer a fresh solution for stablecoins. Let’s look at social metrics of Zunami and answer the main question of 2021 — is it worth flying into this project or not?

General information

What is Zunami Protocol and what can they offer us? The team created first automatic asset manager that only works with stablecoins, with the main purpose to create a completely safe and more profitable alternative to traditional bank deposits. With Zunami, stablecoin holders can receive high interest rates on USDT, USDC, DAI. The application will automatically sell the rewards received for farming, as well as reinvest profits on its own.

Dive into the sea depths

Moving on to social metrics of the project. Zunami Protocol has accounts on most possible social networks.

Project’s Twitter was registered in June 2021. The number of subscribers at the moment is 5236. Activity on Twitter is low, new posts appear only few times a week, but in October activity began to increase, probably due to appearance of the ambassador program.

Telegram of the project also does not show much activity — several messages per day from 1702 users.

Discord activity also has issues. In the evenings, there are only 120 users online on the network, there are more than enough opportunities for displaying activities: you can make memes, translate and create articles, be active on server, promote a project on social networks. According to terms of the ambassador program, points will be awarded for all these activities. Unfortunately, a very small part of community is active — memes are constantly updated, but there are very few articles and videos about the project. The Russian-language side of the project is the only active part of the entire channel.

Zunami Protocol also has a Youtube account with 825 subscribers. The last video of the project has collected 2600 views.

I will combine Instagram and Reddit. They were created recently (less than a month ago). Posts appear periodically, the number of subscribers is more than a thousand.

Medium of Zunami Protocol was launched in June. Since its inception, 7 posts have been published. Github of the project is live.

I did not find any official information about project’s team. The project’s Medium article tells about team’s experience in the field of cryptocurrencies, but I did not find any confirmation, as well as disclosure of personal information about the team. Zunami Protocol promises to provide info about backers, but at the moment there is no clarification.

Meme Sharky or a project that will change the world?

There are big questions about social metrics of the project. Unfortunately, activity on all social networks of Zunami Protocol is too small. There is a possibility that the main problem is newness and lack of hype. In that case, it is a great idea to participate in the development now. Anonymity of the team with lack of information about backers raises more questions though.

I like the idea behind the project. Solving the problem of using stablecoins, as well as creating an application that will automatically distribute the deposit between several profitable DeFi sites, automatically selling rewards and constantly reinvesting profits — all this could make Zunami special in the future.

So, should we fly into the project or not? Personally, I decided to support the project. So far, there are few participants and not enough hype around the project, so it’s time to come in. I hope that the team will keep all promises and show us a worthy project!

Usefull links:

Web Site Zunami Protocol

A form to participate in the Ambassador program





Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ZunamiProtocol




My name is Alex and I'm a humble crypto enthusiast from Russia

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Alex Vecheslov

Alex Vecheslov

My name is Alex and I'm a humble crypto enthusiast from Russia

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