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Farewell to So Bad So Good & Goodnight

The time has come to say farewell to So Bad So Good & Nothing Cooler.

5K articles.
7 Years.
57.6M visitors.
140.8M Pages viewed.
1M social followers.
1,783,159 words written.
1 remarkable journey.

If you don’t read any further, but simply visited, commented on or shared either site — I’d like to simply say a big thank you.

You contributed to truly special place on the web.

How we got here

On July 19th 2011, my friend (and co-founder) Daniel Reyes and I setup a $45 Wordpress theme on his server.

It was just a little blog where I’d feature all the weird and…

Troubling times for Snapchat

This week has been a rough one for Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel and his animated hotdog.

His company Snap Inc posted a eye-watering net loss of $443M in the 3rd quarter. To put the sheer enormity of that figure into perspective, they lost $514.6M in the whole of 2016.

To say they’re burning through cash might be the understatement of the year.

As a result, their share price continues to go from bad to worse, limping to just $12.33 from a high of $27.09 in March when they first went public.

But the bad news doesn’t end there. Remember their…

If you spend a few moments online reading and researching the world of entrepreneurship and startup culture — you’d be forgiven for being lured into believing it’s the Holy Grail of life choices.

Millions and even billions of dollars worth of investment are seemingly a few smart choices away, whilst an army of fickle millennials and early adopters’ await to barrack and cheer you on.

It can seem intoxicating to those on the outside, the ability to create your own income, define your own career, build your own community and forge your own future.

It’s true that selling online, creating…

72 Hours ago we created our first locally produced video at So Bad So Good. Since then, its trended worldwide on YouTube, been watched 265,120 times and received 200+ comments.

That’s a pretty remarkable achievement for our first attempt at video.

Rather than simply revelling in the numbers, I want to provide you with some tangible insights behind the actual process.

What we did, why we did it and what we learned.

There are many considerations you need to factor in when creating your own content. …

It’s not quite a year to the day, but it’s pretty close all thing considered. We launched our video site Nothing Cooler on April 18th 2015 with little to no fanfare.

There was no opulent launch party, no media coverage, no celebrity endorsement. We just flicked the switch and there we were floating around in void of the internet hoping someone would find us.

Find us they did.

In 346 days over 3,700,000+ people have tuned in. Watching an astounding 61,000 hours of continuous video in the process.

That’s not bad for a site with a marketing budget of $0.

In the past 24 hours we hit a pretty major milestone at So Bad So Good, our Facebook Page officially reached 500,000 fans. But even more importantly, we achieved that without spending a single dollar to acquire any of them.

Today I’m going to show you how we did it.

No spam bots, no inactive accounts, no inflated numbers like countless brand pages — just real people, who love what we do.

Here’s the engagement metric as proof.

Alex Wain

Founder of Former founder of & Proponent of fountain pens.

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