Google Pixel XL 32 GB Very Black Unlocked

Google has finally launched its own Pixel-branded smartphones as part of ‘Made by Google’ campaign to eliminate the need for outsourcing all research and development work on necessary hardware components for its flagship phones.

Designed by Google, the Unlocked Pixel and Pixel XL phones come with aerospace-grade aluminium body and include a rear glass panel with 2.5D Gorilla Glass 4 protection against accidental damage. The fingerprint scanner is now relocated at the rear of the device, which should come in handy for unlocking the phone or invoking the notification bar with a single swipe.

Google has officially claimed that its primary camera features a 12.3MP sensor with the highest-ever rating from DxOMark Mobile. Featuring both PDAF and LaserAF functions, its camera is expected to capture sharp and accurate snapshots with superior control on Auto Focus.

Although the Pixel phones lack the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) feature, they enjoy superior image quality with improved Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). With an improved Camera app, the Pixel phone is capable of taking multiple still-images in quick succession using the Smart burst mode.

Furthermore, the HDR+ feature on the camera enables you to take crisp and clear, high-resolution photos even in low-light conditions. There is no shutter lag on Pixel phones, unlike the previous Nexus phones.

The two devices are basically big and small versions of the same design. They have aluminum bodies with a large glass panel on the rear. The panel covers about a third of the back and surrounds the camera and fingerprint reader. The phones will be available in three colors: “quite black,” “very silver,” and a limited-edition “really blue.”

Google Pixel and Pixel XL pricing and availability

Pre-orders for the Pixel phones start today, and pricing starts at $829 for the Pixel and $929 for the Pixel XL — much higher than the Nexus phones and more in line with what Apple and Samsung charge for their premium devices. Jumping from 32GB to 128GB of storage adds $100 to the cost of each device, and Google’s device protection plans cost an additional $99. If you don’t want to pay the full unlocked price up front, Google’s financing will give you the phones starting at $27.04 a month for the Pixel and $32.04 a month for the Pixel XL.

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