MemorizeMachine — Study SAT the Fun Way

Alexander Chen

Date: Oct 1, 2013


MemorizeMachine is a continuation project of “ Web-based GRE training application with Statistical Algorithm“( This project was motivated by my brother when he told me that my previous training application is way too boring to use. To fulfill his request, I decided to gamify the whole thing, and create an epic experience the world have never seen.

My brother’s comment was a wake up call for me. As an engineer, I was motivated to use all the application I created. I never thought how other will feel when they are using it. I was really fortunate to have such an awesome brother to tell me what I truly need to hear.


MemorizeMachine consist of 3 mode of learning. In study mode, user get to select their personalized definition, synonyms and example sentences. In training mode, the system will shoot a series of multiple choice to help you memorize the words. In exam mode, the user have to obtain 95% accuracy to go to the next level.


One of the main difference in MemorizeMachine from my previous training application is the structure of challenges. Instead of letting user upload whatever they want. MemorizeMachine was designed to provide a controlled gamified experience that will make its user feel like playing game. We preselected all the words that will appear on the SAT and present them to the user within 27 levels. User need to complete the current level in order to proceed to the next level.


In the game, user are often equipped with at least one avatar. In training mode, the avatar’s health, speed knowledge will increase or decrease base on the result of user answering the question. We believe user will feel more invested and engaged when rewards and punishments are provided during the training.

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