At IDEX, our mission is to improve digital asset liquidity and financial inclusivity by providing the most secure, compliant, and democratizing platform to exchange digital assets. In the last few weeks, we’ve made several important moves toward achieving this goal, from our integration with CCXT to connecting hundreds of thousands of Coinbase Wallet users to IDEX.

We’re still a long way off from “mission accomplished,” but we do believe we’re closer than ever. IDEX currently provides users with near-instant, seamless trading with over 450 trade pairs and zero compromises on custody and safety. …

We previously announced our intention to incorporate KYC and AML compliance policies into the IDEX platform. Today we’re ready to share that current and new IDEX users will be able to create accounts and get verified for KYC starting Wednesday, July 24, 2019. As part of our continued commitment to compliance and security, IDEX will also begin limiting access to certain assets for US customers in the coming weeks.

The support of our community has been vital to us from the start, so it’s our goal that the rollout of KYC and the changes to our available assets for US…

A few weeks ago Joe Lubin and Jimmy Song formalized a long-standing bet around future Ethereum DApp usage. Song, a vocal critic of Ethereum and the DApp model, bet that there would not be at least 5 DApps with 10k daily active users (DAUs) by 2023. Lubin, head of Ethereum incubator Consensys, took the opposite side.

At IDEX we know a thing or two about measuring DApp adoption. Some may not be aware, but IDEX is by almost all measures the most successful DApp of all time. IDEX consistently captures upwards of 60% of all DEX traffic. The platform has…

Over the past 1.5 years we’ve built IDEX into the most successful dApp ever, with 2x the number of transactions as Cryptokitties, and recently surpassing Ether Delta for the most DEX trades of all time. IDEX has become synonymous with a secure, fast, peer-to-peer trading experience. At the same time the parent brand, Aurora DAO, has gained a limited following, led to analyst confusion, and created many annoying or awkward intros at conferences (Alex from Aurora DAO…we created IDEX).

We’ve learned to recognize when something isn’t working and move past it, and clearly the time is up on our parent/child…

It’s been a busy last few months at IDEX as we continue to build out our vision of the best DEX platform. We’d like to take a moment to provide our community with an overview of the latest developments as well as insights into what we’re working on right now. This update includes information on staking, new UI/UX, scaling, and more!

#1 All-Time

A few weeks ago IDEX passed Ether Delta to become the number one all-time most used DEX! IDEX launched over one year after Ether Delta, but thanks to our user-friendly design and hybrid execution model we were able to…

The first month of AURA staking is in the books, and with it an initial payout of 146 ETH (over $20k at the time of payout, an APY of almost 30%). With this we also took the opportunity to review the network and node data in more detail. Tier 3 staking is providing us with information that will inform both additional improvements to this tier as well as the design of the remaining tiers. We’re interested in understanding the makeup of stakers and node operators, how the network is performing, and the overall ease of use and onboarding experience.

AURA Staking Quantities


The alpha version of AURA staking went live on January 10th, and the results of the first month are extremely exciting.

  • Over 300 nodes have been created, with 200+ generated in the first 72 hours.
  • These nodes are currently staking ~37M AURA, 25% of the circulating supply.
  • Roughly 10% of users are currently receiving trade history data from stakers.
  • A big thank you to one of our community members who created to report real-time network stats. AURA is being staked in over 20 different countries!

Overall the roll-out process has been smooth, with no major critical issues. The development…

Hi everyone, update from staking HQ.

We’ve had multiple AURA staking nodes up and running the last few days and they are all working as expected. Staging is set up with the opt-in functionality and trade data served from the nodes matches data served by IDEX directly.

We ran into one unexpected snag late last night regarding our “fast-sync” process. When users create an AURA node they have the option of syncing from snapshots we’ve created or directly from the Ethereum blockchain. We’ve identified an inconsistency in the snapshot data which is causing the hashes of snapshot nodes to differ…

UPDATE: The AURA token has been transitioned to IDEX, please go here to learn more.

Our development team has been hard at work wrapping up the alpha release of our AURA staking software (AuraD), and we are happy to announce that staking will officially go live on January 8, 2019!

Upon launch, users will be able to begin staking AURA (10k minimum) and earn fees collected by the IDEX exchange. …

Last week we announced that IDEX has begun blocking access to NY IP addresses. I want to apologize for releasing this information via a tweet without much additional context. On the plus side, the response has given our team insight into what the broader community cares about most, and what topics to address in the following post.


  • Decentralization exists on a spectrum, and unless your system or application lacks any centralized parts it can be subject to regulation
  • Aurora is working to create a fully-decentralized financial system, but the path to getting there requires significantly more control and centralization than…

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