Dear Bad Writer, Stop Using Profanity as a Crutch
Todd Brison

I avoid all Medium essays that have obscene language.

What is interesting is how this sort of language flies in different ways in other countries and languages. Having just arrived to my hometown in Buenos Aires from living in Mexico City many years ago I was almost run over by a car turning the corner. I immediately shouted at him “¡Pinche, cabrón!” which are fighting words in Mexico. I realized my mistake so I shouted again, “¡La concha de tu madre!” (your mother’s cu..). The idea of calling anybody in Spanish an ano is useless. On the other hand within Spanish a papaya in Mexico is precisely that. In Cuba it is what women have that men don’t so you ask for fruta bomba at breakfast. In Argentina papaya is mamón which is cocksucker in Mexico. And so on. Concha which is clam in Argentina is that which women have that men don’t. Who is responsible for that? Linnaeus who labeled the sexual parts of a clam in ways he should not have done so.