Annie Leibovitz — Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

The Photographer Photographed

In late November 1992 I was to face a photographer. I waited in her Vancouver hotel room until she came out fresh from the shower. Her skin glowed but later I noticed she had hangnails. I set up my equipment:

  1. A Mamiya RB-67 Pro-S
    2. The extremely sharp 140mm macro floating element lens.
    3. A 220 back loaded with Kodak Plus-X rated at 100 ISO.
    4. A Dynalite 800 pack with two heads. One with a grid and the other with a 2x3 ft Chimera soft box.
    5. A Manfrotto Model #055 tripod with the original model Arca Swiss Monoball head.

When I faced the photographer she told me, “This is unreal. It almost seems like I am taking the portrait. Your equipment is like mine.”

I took 12 exposures. This one was the fifth.

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