Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Andes Mountains, Peru

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Pretty idealistic, huh? How can we possibly expect to change the world just by ourselves?

We have places to be, people to please, and responsibilities to hold ourselves up to as we run through our lives always counting down until the next weekend. Any attempt at changing the world caught up in all of this hustle and bustle will hardly accomplish anything.

Or will it?

Take your current day-to-day life. What does that include? Who do you talk to? Where do you go? What kind of thoughts run through your head?

Now, what actions please you the most? What parts of your day rock versus suck? Who do you enjoy talking to the most? The least? Are you thinking positively 24 hours per day? Are you excited to go to work every morning?

We need to dissect our lives in this fashion to realize what we want out of life. Chances are all of us don’t like every little thing we do today. I sure don’t, but I’m determined to fix that.

We can kick life’s ass if we choose to. We have immense power over our daily thoughts and actions. Once realized that events are events and situations just situations, we can control our reactions to all of them. We can control how happy or sad they make us.

Now, changing your life to 100% kick ass day-in and day-out is not an overnight endeavor. It will take months if not years to truly turn every thought and action into perfection. Lucky for us however, it is possible.

Small things

  • Smile. By smiling, even if you have no reason to, your body releases the same hormones as if you were actually smiling. You’ll feel happier and more ready to take on the day. You’ll even catch a smile or two from attractive members of the opposite sex. ;)
  • Think positively. A positive attitude trumps all in life. It modifies every thought that enters your head, resulting in better conversations, body posture, and overall enjoyment with life. The world is a beautiful place, however only if you think it so.
  • Develop a well-rounded sense of humor. You need to be able to laugh at everything in life. It keeps you from taking yourself and life too seriously. The ability to shake things off and hold no grudges makes you much more attractive in life.
  • Be happy and nice. While in charge of all of our reactions, we can create a life that makes it easier for us to please ourselves, resulting in a happier self and a happier Earth.

Big things

  • Talk with your boss about a remote working arrangement. In this day and age, location need not matter for you to get your work done. In fact, without all the meetings, small talk, and office politics, you can be more efficient with increased effectiveness. With enough willpower and persistence, you can realize the 4 hour work week. (Obligatory plug: This book is the ultimate guide to lifestyle design. It will guide you from your current job to your perfect lifestyle, whatever that may be. 10/10)
  • Establish self-discipline. Learn how to control your mind. We’re capable of directing our positive emotions and eliminating the negative. This all begins with the formation of constructive habits.
  • Start a business. Who doesn’t want to work for themselves? We can make a living on what excites us. We can create instead of consume. We can take the driver’s seat on the road to personal perfection. It’s far from easy, but it’s extremely empowering and fun as hell to try and build something that the world recognizes as valuable and rewards us for our efforts.

In the end though, will these really change the world?

It depends. Your world? Most definitely. You’ll see everything in a different light. You’ll see a bluer sky, a friendlier community, and a more connected world. You’ll have fuller conversations, complete fuller tasks, and think fuller thoughts. You’ll start to be the change you want to see in the world.

Will it change the real world? We could say no. We could just as easily say yes. If you and me go out today after reading this and put all of our personal philosophies into full force, I would put $1 million on the world shining a little brighter. More laughs, less crying. More happiness, less anger.

The trillions of small changes each of us implements into our lives will culminate into one huge change: a shift towards a more perfect world full of more people living perfectly. By demonstrating to others our goodwill and hospitality, we will encourage an even larger global shift. Over time, we will create One Perfect Earth.

All we need to do is one thing:

Be the change we want to see in the world.

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