Friends & Family

Think about your friends. Think about your family.

Aren’t they fucking great?

Okay, maybe they’re not the absolute best all of the time… but hey, 99% of the time they’re all right.

They make you laugh (a lot); they look out for you; they’re a shoulder to lean on; they surprise you with little things.

They’re stable rocks in a sea of unpredictability. While you’re busy getting comfortable being uncomfortable, they’re there no matter where you find yourself.

And who better to interact with than our friends and family? Who better to joke with, reminisce about old times, and make plans for the future?

Friends and family make life worth living. They add so many levels of excitement and fun that they ought to be a big part of life. In fact, I’m thinking one of the most important aspects in life is to love and be loved, primarily via your friends and family.

I urge you to think about your own relationships with friends and family. How often do you talk with them? How often do you meet up with them in person? How do you maximize that time spent together? How do you make your friends and family a major aspect of your life?

And I hate to be morbid, but our friends and family members may not be here tomorrow; hell, YOU may not be here tomorrow. Walk with that knowledge looming over your head. Make sure each and every one knows how much they mean to you. And seriously, what’s the pain?

Call your mom and tell her you love her. Thank her for everything she’s done for you in life.

Go out with a friend and grab dinner, a few drinks, and have a great conversation with them. And cover the bill.

Hug your grandparents as hard as you possibly can. It’s because of them that you’re even alive today; they deserve a night of yours to themselves every once in awhile for that sole reason.

Make memories with young siblings or cousins. Enlighten them with the beauty of life.

Starting today, spend more of your life with friends and family.

You’ll be glad you did.

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