I am Dumb

Lake Tahoe, California, USA

I have never thought of myself as particularly intelligent. I have trouble remembering important things, speaking with eloquence, and even piecing thoughts together. I let my emotions get the best of me and do stupid things. I give in too much to laziness and procrastination despite grand plans to change the world. I sleep in too late, I drink too much alcohol, and I smoke too much weed.

Worst of all, I have the selfish mindset that everything I say, think, or do is right. When I talk, I like to lead the conversation to where I want it to go. When I think, I believe I am 100% right 100% of the time. When I do something, I want to do what I want to do. My selfishness gets the best of me too much, too often.

I don’t feel smarter, more privileged, or better than my colleagues. I don’t know how to express these thoughts, but they pervade my attitude and actions in life.

As I write being the dummie I am, I want my words, thoughts, and opinions to be met with an extremely high level of scrutiny. I want my humanitarian goals to be judged by a million others to find what is and isn’t wrong with them. I want constructive criticism in order to react and improve and not simply to hear from loud-mouthed naysayers.

I don’t want my words to become law. Okay, maybe secretly and selfishly I do, but they don’t have to become your law. Use them to fine-tune your own moral code and help me fine-tune mine. 1+1 = 3.

Dumb as I may be, I do want to spread my opinions into the wide world around us. They could be 100% dead wrong, however I’d rather know now than never. I want to try and consolidate my thoughts and values into one place so that I may put myself into a position to become less dumb.

Another foolproof method of ensuring I avoid perpetual stupidity is through asking good questions. As I say, Question Everything. Anything. Anything anyone ever says to you. Asking strong, open-ended questions not only makes you look smarter, it actually makes you smarter.

In reality, I’m bummed out that I’m so dumb. I want to be particularly intelligent. I want to remember important things, speak with eloquence, and piece my thoughts together. I want to refuse to let my emotions get the best of me and let me do stupid things. I want to rid all of my laziness and procrastination to make room for my grand plans to change the world. I want to be smart.

With that said, I’m going to set out a few guidelines that I hope to follow as I continue my life-long journey to complete intelligence. I hope that, by strictly following them, we may poise ourselves to experience life and knowledge in the best way possible.

How to Stop Being So Dumb

1) Constantly be aware of life situation and goals

By continuously assessing our lives’ circumstances, goals, and dreams, we will remain in a position to make sound decisions in regard to what that means for my life. We will act on my core values on a minute-by-minute basis, allowing us to live ideally.

2) Ask questions

Everything I don’t know I want to know. We ought to always ask insightful questions to figure out anything and everything we can know about any subject that interests us.

3) Be more reasonable, less emotional

Decide more with the head and less with the heart.

4) Read

The world is full of information — knowledge — that some of the smartest humans ever to walk this Earth have written down. All we have to do is read it! By doing so, we can learn a lifetime of knowledge in a few short hours.

5) Have more intellectual conversations with smart individuals

Seek out and find the brightest of the bright individuals to discuss ideas with. Use their experience, knowledge, and philosophies to refine our own. Ask profound questions and reward them with our own knowledge.

This is a short list that will need to be supplemented in the future as I near closer and closer to becoming smart.

I am dumb, but I need not be forever.

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