Let’s Get to Work

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

As we know now, the world today needs fixing.

We also know that we will need to be the ones to fix these problems. We will have to educate, organize, and advocate ourselves on these issues to enact institutional and cultural change. We will start achieving greatness in our lives.

That’s why if any of the problems, issues, or anything else I rant about alerts your interest, and you are an expert (or want to become one) in that topic, let me know! I am dumb and need lots of support when it comes down to the gigantic world issues we are going to face.

Together we can discuss what we need to learn and act upon. We will uncover the most important facts that ought to be known by all others.

Collectively, we will work to distill these complex issues down into small, effective action steps. So few organizations lay out the exact way to take action immediately. We will focus on labeling 3–5 succinct action steps to take after reading each article.

If we are to have any success with this, we will need to complete these steps.

But seriously, let me know if you’re interested in becoming a guest expert. You can write as little or long, deep or soft as you’d like. There’d be no time limits and no forcing you to write at all. Only a strong desire to improve ourselves so that we may improve the world.

Let’s get to work.

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