Questioning Life

“I don’t believe in luck. Luck is the crossroads of preparation and opportunity.”

Mexico City, Mexico

Life. What is it. Why does it exist. Is it all that it’s cracked up to be? Can we ensure it’s lived to the fullest? And if not, can we start trying?

Life’s pretty crazy. Especially today in the year 2015. We can go anywhere, do anything, just about grab life by the horns and ride it down any path we want to take.

To be blunt, we should never do things we don’t like to do. We have too much control. And despite it being virtually impossible to deeply enjoy every little thing in our lives, we should aim for 100%. Because when we reach a certain point, even the dull, awkward, and menial situations exude a certain glow of happiness that will not bother us.

It’s totally possible. Hell, maybe it’s not traveling to a different country like me or even leaving your hometown, but find something that calls you into its glory.

Stuff that makes you think, “Aw that’s so cool, but I would never do that, that’s impossible”. Go do some of that stuff. Follow the call to your ideal life. Set your mind to it.

Remember, there’s one thing that we know for sure to be true: we have immense control over our lives. Any problem in life can be dealt with the right mental attitude. We get to decide which steps to take, as well as the way we feel after said steps are taken. We control everything.

Let’s control our callings.

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