My Top 5 Books

Reading. I am slowly but surely becoming convinced that this is the absolute best hobby to pursue for any serious intellectual. The world is busting at the seams with knowledge, and all we have to do is pick a book and open it up. We can absorb someone’s entire life work over the course of a few days and a couple cups of coffee.

With that said, I’ve become a relatively active bookworm over the past year or so and have created a list of my top books to read. Expect this list to change and/or increase in the future!

1. The 4 Hour Workweek — Tim Ferriss

If I could force all of my friends to read one book from front to back, this is it. Aimed at both employees and entrepreneurs alike, this book is for those who would prefer to spend their time achieving life dreams rather than pushing paper from 9–5 each day. Nicknamed “The Godfather of Lifestyle Design”, Tim Ferriss prioritizes effectiveness above all — if you’re not achieving real progress (i.e., doing the important things with your work), then you’re just wasting your time and your life.

Through practical advice that packs a punch in every single sentence, you can take action today in actualizing your ideal lifestyle. Buy. This. Book. Your mind will explode… just like mine did.

2. Think Your Way to Wealth — Napoleon Hill

Before I read The 4 Hour Workweek, this was my favorite book of all time. I would also peg it as one of the books I believe everyone on Earth needs to read.

It’s basically a recorded conversation between the author and Andrew Carnegie (super successful Industrial Age entrepreneur) discussing his personal success philosophy. It hinges on the argument that if you prepare your mind to achieve something (anything!), you can accomplish it. You can use your own thoughts to be successful. Truly ground-breaking and eye-opening in doing, being, and having anything you’ve ever wanted.

3. How to Win Friends & Influence People — Dale Carnegie

As the title clearly states, this is a no-nonsense how-to book on dealing with others in everyday life. It’s not so much manipulating people as it is just approaching conversations from a different angle to increase your effectiveness in getting your point across. Jam-packed with real world case-studies, the book illustrates how each point of advice can be seamlessly implemented into your life. Really powerful stuff.

4. The Rise of Superman — Steven Kotler

Man this book is crazy. It’s all about putting ourselves into flow — which is the state of consciousness we enter when we’re 100% engulfed in activities we love to do. He goes through and explains everything, demonstrating how you and I can use flow to become superhuman (using action sports heroes as examples throughout the book). I’m doing a horrible job at explaining it, but you feel like taking on the goddamn world after reading it. 10/10.

5. The $100 Startup — Chris Guillebeau

Thee Guide on how to start a business with little to no money. Every page includes line after line of pertinent advice that is extremely helpful for anyone at the beginning stages of business creation. You don’t even have to have fully made up your mind on wanting to become an entrepreneur — just give it a read to get your brain juices flowing. The author really guides you through every little step that comes with starting and building a successful business.