Perfection = Impossible

Antigua, Guatemala

Build Your Perfect Life.

What does that even mean? Your perfect life. Your life might be enjoyable, sure, but is it perfect? You have control, but enough control to make everything perfect?


No one’s life is perfect. A perfect person would be someone who never experiences any negative emotion, never goes through any tough time, and never breathes a single miserable breath. That person is nonexistent; he has never existed in all of mankind. No one has complete and utter control over every little thing that happens to them in life.

Take the person you see as the most successful in life. You may be thinking, “Wow, their life is perfect!” No it’s not. He or she is a human being just like the rest of us, functioning out in the real world of uncertainty. For example, they have loved ones who, at the flip of a coin, could be involved in some freak accident and die tomorrow. They could get punched in the face by some random passerby on the street. Their house could get robbed and stripped clean of all their prized possessions.

Do you see what I’m getting at?

We cannot control everything that happens to us in life. We cannot create a bubble of perfection around us that blocks all bad things from ever affecting us. We will never be 100% happy. With the fate of the universe out of our hands, we are utterly helpless in ensuring our perfect lives.

Perfection is impossible.

Now, knowing that attaining absolute perfection in life is impossible, we still can use the concept to our advantage. We can visualize what our lives would be like if nothing horrible ever happened to us — no anger, sadness, tough times, etc. We can surround ourselves with the people who bring us happiness and motivate us to do great things. We can try to create a perfect life.

And if we set out to reach this ideal, we are bound to end up close to that outcome. Of course we’ll never reach it, but I can guarantee you that we’ll come a hell of a lot closer than if we had striven towards a less ambitious goal.

In our lives, we can never strive for mediocrity. When we reach for the grandest of grand goals, we create an abundance of opportunity to improve ourselves even if we don’t reach that final goal. Don’t get me wrong; I am 100% set and focused on achieving my biggest goals. But if I’m unsuccessful and only reach up to 90%, I am still way better off than achieving 100% of any mediocre goal. Thus validates our journey towards perfection.

When we strive for absolute perfection, we will realize a life that is much more enjoyable and in line with our life goals than if we were to actually believe perfection is impossible.

Yes, we cannot control everything that happens to us. We cannot create that bubble of perfection where nothing unfortunate ever enters into our lives.

However, we can prepare our minds to accept the imperfections as they occur. We can influence their impact. Ask yourself: Will I let this bring me down, or will I take a stand and minimize its affect on my ego? The sooner we realize that the past is gone and over with, the quicker we can shape the joy of the future.

Thus, although it may seem impossible, we ought to use perfection as a mindset to guide us in living much healthier, more enjoyable lives than we would if we accepted its impossibility.

With that said, I’m 100% serious when I say: we can Build Our Perfect Lives.

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