What Needs Fixing in Today’s World

Cascada de Texolo, Mexico

The word today is a train wreck. From repetitive global disasters to a minority rights issues, we have a laundry list of problems that make up our harsh reality. Even the sheer number of issues overwhelms us. We’re torn in all directions and never end up going anywhere. Not going to lie, that’s been my situation.

I’m here to do something about it though. Our duty as young adults is to do so. We have the most time left on Earth; we have the greatest opportunity to make something happen than any other generation. By god it will not be easy, but we can do something about it. We can define today’s problems and begin taking steps to fix them.

The following list will forever remain in development. Our goal will be to check each one off the list when they are fixed. If there’s one that I missed that you know needs fixing, just let me know and we’ll add it to the list.

1) One Connected Humankind

Humans are all biologically equal. Two arms, two legs, one nose, two eyes, ten fingers and ten toes. Too often we get caught up on such petty differences as skin color, religion, and language. We have problems realizing how nice, helpful, and humble we can all be because we’re continually reminded of the opposite.

Luckily, I think I can help out with this topic. I can use my personal strategies to help fine-tune yours, and you can use yours to help me fine-tune mine.

To connect all of humankind, I will:

  • Create actionable articles covering different aspects of life.
  • Ask for feedback to develop further topics that need to be researched and covered.
  • Think about physical actions that can be made (joining a club, organizing a protest, etc.).

2) World collaboration inefficiency

We’re embarrassingly primitive in our management of the world today. We bomb one another, hack each other’s computers, and all the while think we’re each #1. There’s little collaboration, and too many rogue outliers.

Instead we need a New World Order. We need the United Nations to start acting like it

I will:

  • Study the United Nations actions’ in the past 20 years.
  • Perform a SWOT analysis
  • Learn where their strengths lie and then take action on a weakness.

3) Climate change

2015 was the warmest year on record. We’re poised to keep the trend going says just about every scientist. We drive billions of cars, trucks, and buses each day, happily trading personal convenience for the health of our planet. Despite the seemingly universal commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, we witness few restrictions on sustainability.

This may be the global cause of our generation. I unfortunately have not done nearly as much action as I have inaction. I believe the word for chumps like me is slacktivists. Damn that’s cold.

Here’s what we should do to help:

  • Learn the cold, hard facts. Without knowing 100% exactly what I’m talking about, how can I convince other people to join the cause of sustainability?
  • Get into contact with my local, state, and federal representatives. Make the time to get on the phone with their office. Demand your voice to be recognized and acted upon. An email and letter should probably be sent too, just in terms of volume.
  • Talk with your friends and family about it. Yes, kids are dumb and old people are senile, but they deserve to know what we’re doing to our planet. We deserve the right to inform them of the facts.
  • Carpool/Don’t buy a car. Stop contributing yourself to the rising climate. Live in the city and walk to work. Live in the suburbs and bike to work. Don’t ride as many buses. Use less gas.

4) World dependent on meat

Meat causes cancer. Milk causes cancer. There exist factory farms where animals never get to turn around for their entire lives. When cost is valued over quality, these millionaire farmers will choose maximum animal abuse at their will.

We need to:

  • Stop eating so much meat. Think less fast food and more home cooked.
  • Try a vegetarian meal. I have done this almost every day here in Mexico and the meals are damn delicious and prepared by the man, the myth, the Mexican legend himself Juan Carlos El Cocinador.
  • Drink more water and less milk. It was proven that calcium from milk strengthens your bones less than through fruits and vegetables. Drink more water, it’s like sex for your health.

5) Government inefficiency

I do not see the voice of the people aligning with the direction of our government. My voice is not heard and I want to do something about it. I want to have influence in making law to make our world a better place.

  • Study my representatives for political decision misnomers. I believe the organization already doing this for me is PolitiFact.com.
  • Discuss strategies with influential individuals on how to improve.
  • Create a system to connect Government to its People. I don’t know if it’s One Perfect Earth or something else, but I expect to see the Internet utilized to more of our advantage for governmental procedures in the year 2015.

6) Human rights issues

This is a topic I unfortunately know little about other than its existence. Crimes such as kidnapping, sex trafficking, and minority discrimination occur today. I cannot be okay with that statement. What a horrible, horrible place we live in where people’s lives are used disparagingly.

We need to fix something about this:

  • Learn the facts. Confirm the prevalence and types of offenses involved
  • Take action after learning more on the subject.

7) War

War is still a modern occurrence in today’s world. Only today, we sit behind computers and kill people instead of face to face — it’s more pleasant. It disgusts me to learn that throughout one 5-month period, 90% of the people killed by U.S.-fired drone strikes were not the intended targets. So many civilians murdered for the sake of war. Where is the outrage?

To try and do something about this, I will:

  • Learn all key facts about the modern-day war with ISIL.
  • Fight off Islamophobia. Whenever I hear friends or family half-joking but half-completely serious say a derogatory comment about Muslims, I will confront them about it. Religion is religion, and every Muslim is not ISIL.
  • Encourage family members to not go into the armed forces. The government does a successful job at convincing its populace to perpetuate war and killing by making it easy for 18 year olds to join. I am far from an expert on the topic, but forcing the people we love into a system that loves to take other human lives is not okay in my book.
  • What else? What can we legitimately do to end war within our lifetimes?

8) ___________________?

You tell me. What else needs fixing in the world today?

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