Here I present a pinch of one of the chapters of my novel The FARM (English Version)


I want to know your impression of how different languages affect or increase your reader experience. I wish to share your opinions because they are very valuable to me.

This is a new way for me and every day I learn something new from you.

This way you help other writers who read these messages through the network.

I think you’ll experience it for yourself, taste and the peculiarities of each language and can make more informed judgment on your personal preference.

Greetings from your writer friend …

Alexx Rice Egen

Carlos De Los Santos sighed as he arrived, punctually, at his office that morning, resigning himself to repetitive documentation chores.

Days like this, on which he was away from ‘field work’ were the easy ones…but also the most boring.

Charlie, as everyone knew him, was the envy of some of his colleagues and a charmer with the ladies — even at his age. Handsome and muscular, his square jaw and rugged cheekbones made him look like an action figure made human.

His green eyes were captivatingly expressive and charming. He always kept his salt and pepper hair cut neatly and professionally in a fashion that was almost military. The latest addition to his overall facial look was a well-trimmed goatee framing the lower part of his face and making him look more balanced, appealing and younger.

But underneath his clean cut appearance he hid a fiery personality…driven and focused. He sometimes felt that his easily fired temper was too great of a contrast with his pleasant looks.Breakfast, coffee, and a car ride to 6100 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Avenue were — most of the time — the preamble to an exciting day of work.

Today, that address was his only destination.

He steered his matte black, Ford Raptor SVT truck towards the towering office building in the Hato Rey area of San Juan. The place looked like a bomb shelter…imposing — a hulking concrete mass displaying an array of tiny rectangular windows.

To the right side, a vertical tower was connected to the main building; from time to time its massive roof was used as a helicopter landing platform.

Although it was an eyesore, this building and the streets below have given Charlie a way to make a living and more importantly the means to make a difference in his and other people’s lives.

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