Native vs. Cross-Platform: When Cross-Platform Wins

Every business owner who decides they need a mobile app faces a difficult choice: to go for native or for cross-platform development. The decision directly depends on how fragmented a particular market is and the nature of the future application itself.

Cross-platform apps are also a great option for prototype development when it’s not clear if you have a good idea for an application at all. Prototyping is a fast way to build and see something. With React Native, it’s possible to develop prototypes quickly.

1. When your market is fragmented and you need an app that works across various devices.

Some of Yalantis’ clients tell us that they’ve done thorough market research which shows that their potential user pool is equally comfortable with both platforms. What do you do if 50% of your users prefer iOS and the other half uses Android? Cross-platform apps are the answer.

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