Your Heritage IS Racist AND Hateful:

The Confederate Flag Still Kills

The argument that many centrists, as well as people on the [alt] right, believe that the confederate flag is a symbol of southern heritage just shows how racist and hateful America still is, especially in the south. Sometimes referenced as the “rebel flag”, the confederate flag is still used a sense of southern pride, especially by the people who still refuse to accept that the south lost a war that shouldn’t have ever had to have happened.

Here we are, in 2017, in the 21st century, still using this flag as a symbol of “heritage”. Most notable of the ways that this flag has been used can be seen in the events that occurred in Charlottesville. The flag, like in many other instances, had been used as a symbol of white nationalism and white pride. Through this, nearly two centuries post-Civil War, black people are still subjugated and marginalized through the standards of white privilege and white normalcy in 21st century America.

Even more-so notably, confederate flags and statues still stand in many places across the south. Many people, specifically those who are convinced that ethnic and racial minorities are in America are here to replace them [white people], fight for these statues and flags to continue to stay up. However, they were put in 1961 to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War. The plan was to take down the flag in 1965 to commemorate the end of the Civil War’s 100 year anniversary.

However, that ended up being during a time when the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing. In order to make black people feel lesser than, the powers that be decided to keep the flag up. These flags are still up, and the government seems to want very little to do with taking them down. These confederate flags and/or confederate statues are nothing short of a physical reminder to black people that their lives do not matter to current American society, as well as a constant physical reminder of the inequity that exists between people of color and white people in this country.

So, [white] privileged people of Christian faith, what can you do? Religion continues to be used by white conservatives, especially, in order to subjugate and oppress communities of color. However, throughout the Bible, specifically, there are instances of the wrath of God being shown for those who are unwelcoming to “the stranger”. This repeat theme continues to display the importance of being welcoming to the stranger, if not for the good of humanity, but in order to save one’s self. As Christians, it is important to show many of these people, like Nazis and neo-conservatives, that a culture that is welcoming to the stranger is what we are called to do as Christians. The time for silence is over; now is the time to act!

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