My very first post on Medium

As you see, I decided to return back to blogging. I don’t have any specific plan on what’s I am going to write about— I’d say, I don’t even have a goal yet, which seems a bit negative.

It’s safe to assume that most of my posts will be related to software engineering, but overall, it’s going to be everything I find either interesting or important.

A short introduction usual for the first post should help you to find out what might be important for me:

  • I work as CTO at ServiceTitan — a rapidly growing startup developing a SaaS CRM / business automation software for home services industry. The company is based in LA (Glendale).
  • Earlier I worked at Quora, founded — a software company based in Russia, and finally, a very long time ago, wrote DataObjects.Net v1.0 — an ORM for .NET, that has a set of pretty unique features many people like, and was responsibe for its development till 2008 or so. There were some less successful startups I founded as well, most notable one is 9facts.
  • Based on above, it’s easy to conclude that I should be familiar both with Windows (.NET/C#) and Unix (mostly Python) development. Other than that, I am really interested in everything related to increasing engineering team productivity (tools, processes, etc.), technical recruiting, and large-scale SaaS product development (reliability, scalability, KPIs, infrastructure, …).
  • Russian politics, startups, F# / functional languages, machine learning, DIY robotics are some of topics I track as well.
  • I am a father of two great sons: Roman (11 years old) and Evgeny (7 years). Roman recently started to learn how to program in Python, and made a really great progress with this during the last 3 months. So I will definitely share some of my observations and ideas related to this, and apparently, helping kids to learn math and programming is another area I am interested in.

Finally, I love writing in Russian, and moreover, my Russian is way better than English, but… I type in Russian at least 2x slower, which makes all the difference — some day I will explain how it happened ;) So I plan to write only in English here.

See you soon!

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