A sunny but cold winter day — original photo taken by Pigoff PhotographY at StockSnap.io

My Bipolar Day

I see green
Many shades of green
Yet speckled with yellow
Orange and brown

Winter is coming
It may already be here
On this day where 
The weather’s intentions aren’t so clear

A landscape so tranquil
Calming my gloom
The restful waters
Glistening under a cloudy sky

It’s hot
Then cold
It reminds me of me
My own personality
Can’t make up its mind

A resident cat
Befriending the lonely
Keeping me company
On this bipolar day — so lovely

The wind is so soft
Licking willow leaves hanging
Caring enough as not to make shiver

The ants tickle my limbs as they walk
The fresh air refreshing my aching lungs
The Manor now empty of today’s patrons
Staying open for a while longer — longer for me

I feel at peace
Here alone
As Slipknot sings to me
Through my earphones

On this day — my bipolar day
Where I finally feel somewhat free
Free of what it means to be me

Written 28 April 2017
Amended 29 April 2017