A man standing in a mess — original photo taken by Fré Sonneveld at StockSnap.io

Chaotic Love Song

I’m hot, then not
I’m tall, then fall
Feel great, then hate
A rose, then close
I smile, then — denial
I shine, then undermine
I cry, then die

Deep down in my dark mind
Chaotic chemicals make me blind
The blood red rose I was once
Withered and soiled over many months

I don’t know what love really is
Yet I pour everything in for bliss
My feelings — deep, dark, intense
My desires defy my rational sense

A recurring trap, I now realise
It’s a mystical place of my own demise
I’m still alone even in a crowd
Where I am silent in the loud

I am borderline
Jump up and down
I am codependent 
Can’t be splendent 
I am bipolar
Confusing coloured exposure

Bright, luminous, dull and dark
A broken tree stump without its bark
Kiss me now, kiss me slow
A lot of hurt to you I’ll show

I can’t be trusted
Forever lusted
But hold me tight
So I can sleep tonight

Written 28 April 2017
Amended 29 April 2017

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