Cracked and broken egg shells, one with some art on it — original photo taken by Netaly Reshef at

Crack Open…

Grabbing my head, I try to numb the pain
It’s throbbing inside, deep inside my brain
Intense desires shower over me
To crack open my skull so violently

The nausea overwhelms my entire being
Unstable chaos is all I am seeing
I feel this may drive me so damn insane
This vehement, shattering, debilitating pain

Grabbing my heart, I try stop the agony
It’s pulsating inside, filled with passionate fallacy
Fierce cravings drive my stupid actions
With illogical, unseemly and fatal attractions

Broken hearts shattered all around
I’m walking through them without a sound
Destructive chaos — if you so wish
Just blow me one — one deadly kiss

Crack open my chest
Break all my ribs
Take out my heart
And rip it apart!

Written 28 April 2017