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I Don’t Know What Love Is

Hello world, see me here?
I’m frowning, scared — filled with fear
Can you react when I am near,
With your angular style and majestic grandeur?

I just don’t know what love is
I believed I did, but clearly I did miss
It isn’t just about pure ruby bliss
Surely there must be more to this

I’m so alone — grab my throat!
This is no one else’s fault
Sever the cord — wound gets salt
Hate me now as the damn default!

I don’t know what love is
It’s not just about the sweetest kiss
I need to figure out — what is this?
To rescue me from the dark abyss

I’m undeserving
Too self-loathing
I’ll leave you wanting
Then you’ll be breaking
While I am dying
As I love too much, it leaves me aching

I don’t know what love really is
Maybe a bond of romantic fitness?
Not just a game of hit-and-miss
But something we can both reminisce

Sadly, yet my actions stress:
It’s colourless, shameless and so soulless
Worthless emotions that infests,
A feeling you now know to opress
As the love I give is so full — it’s less
So forgive me dear as I obsess
And in this poem I now attest
I truly don’t know what love really is

Written 29 April 2017

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