A woman walking alone in the sunset by a beach — original photo taken by Tomas Jasovsky at StockSnap.io

A Devotee of Me

I want to scream
Scream so loud
That birds take off
And lions hide

I want to cry
Cry so much
That waters flow
And dams will fill

I want to hate
Hate so much
That I never love
And hurt again

I want to stop talking
Stop talking so much
That I never have to lie
Or continue to deny

I want to stop listening
Stop listening so intensly
That I never have to trust
And get disappointed again

I want to be free
So badly be free
That I rely only on me
To stop being sorry
Calm all the worry
Clean up the debris
Silence my banshee
And to myself I’ll be devotee

Written 28 April 2017
Amended 29 April 2017

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