Millennial Relationships: To-Do or Taboo?

As Millennials, we tend to think about ourselves and how to get things done instantly. Thats not how you cultivate a healthy relationship so I want to know, how do we continue the cycle of monogamy like our parents an their parents, withought losing ourselves?

Lets just ‘DO’ it,” she said. “Friends with benefits seem’s so much easier than a relationship,” he said. But where does that leave you mentally? In a world where everybody is hooking up or married to their high school sweet-heart already, where does that leave the single?

I’ll tell you where, in a love-hate relationship with relationships. When your goal is marriage but the steps to make it happen is taboo.

You’ve let your past relationships ruin your views on what a healthy relationship is. You’ve watched TV shows that highlight ratchetness and cheating. You’ve been physically programmed to believe… Well, Maybe relationship’s just are not for me.

I’m writing this today to say…

NAH, Bruh. Man up and try again!

We are humans. Regardless if it doesn't seem fun, a relationship is necessary to maintain a satisfying and fufilling life. Even if it isnt for a significant other, you should still know how to gain and maintain a healthy relationship because dying alone won’t be as exciting as you think.

Taking some time to learn about yourself before you jump in the bed with the next body wont be as hard as you think it is, I promise.

… But you already knew! Moving around from the next easy bake “situation-ship” to the next doesn’t give you time to do that. Being single does. But being single also makes you love yourself more than anybody else. Atleast, it should!

Illustration by Wayne Thiebaud

Take some time to fully understand and develop who you are as a person before expecting somebody else to do it. It can only be frustrating when two, half-baked deserts are trying to mesh, but can’t because they dont even know their full list of ingredients.

That’s what your 20’s are for, getting to know each ingredient that’s inside of you. Making sure you’ve baked long-enough and have accomplished enough so that you can be a necessity, not an accessory!

The idea of a relationship is to be a better-half. Not a problem or a hardship in someones life. Relationships are beautiful when they work. But, they can only work when two people want it to work.

So give it a few more shots.. but only after you’ve fully cooked.