Republican Thesaurus

  • States’ rights — code for the prevalent local bigotry. In the Deep South, the right to think a black person is not a person. Further north, the right to ostracize and abuse non-straights and deny women reproductive control (see also religious liberty). Doesn’t require indication of being used as code because it’s no longer used literally
  • Religious liberty — code for ostracizing and abusing non-straights and denying women reproductive control
  • Birth Certificate controversy, birtherism — a (barely) publicly acceptable way of disagreeing with the fact that Barak Obama was president while black (see also Barak Hussein Obama and Kenyan Muslim Socialist)
  • Supply-side economics — a fairy tale invented by Milton Friedman and popularized by Reagan that essentially says: “in economics, unlike the real life, something can come from nothing”
  • Trickle-down economics — a cynical joke suggesting that if a few rich people are made richer, the rest of the country will somehow magically benefit as well
  • Tax cuts — something said to stimulate economic growth. Code for a lot of the well’r off Americans just not wanting to pay for poor and black people (beyond the most immediate term, there’s no known relationship between taxation and economic growth)
  • The Reagan economic miracle — a cynical attempt to drive budget deficits up the wall to force Democrats to dismantle Great Society rather than the Republicans doing it themselves. Achieved by harshly slashing taxes on corporations and the rich and massively increasing military spending. For how tax cuts supposedly help economy, see tax cuts
  • Lazy poor people — also a fairy tale popularized by Reagan. Recycles centuries-old Tory mythology about people being naturally lazy and having to be forced to work. Most poor people on social support, such as it is in this country, would be worse off if they’d gotten a job. A significant proportion of the American poor are also black
  • Rapists (black, Mexican, etc) — code for mortal fear of having white blood polluted by non-white people. One of South’s most ancient, most popular tropes. A woman today is much more likely to be sexually assaulted by her white boss than a random non-white guy in the street
  • Pro-life — a re-branding of prohibition of female access to contraception that was rolled out in the wake of Roe vs Wade
  • Hunting, self-defense, recreational use of guns, Second Amendment rights — code for the right to arm self with progressively more powerful guns in preparation for the Second Coming of the Federal Government for your liberties (in fairness, a lot of people are under the mistaken assumption that they will be able to defend themselves with a gun)
  • Lone wolf — someone who, despite clearly being a white terrorist, is not a white terrorist
  • Freedom of choice — freedom of business to f**k with consumers any which way they like
  • Nanny state — any attempt by the state to protect the public from being f**ked with by the business. See also freedom of choice
  • Snowflake, whiney liberal, social justice warrior — things flaky, whiney Republicans hate in themselves and so project unto others
  • Socialism — anything else a Republican may not like
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