Why Trello is my “ultimate” task manager

Plus some awesome Trello extensions to make it even better (for chrome)

So for the past month or so, we’ve been trying to choose a task management SAAS that will answer all of our needs. Everyone who cares about which tool to use quickly suggested their favorite tool (with their favorite features), and one by one, each tool was taken off the list for not meeting ALL our needs. It’s been a very frustrating process for all of us — “how come there can’t be a proper tool for task management?!” we kept asking. But looking back at it, it makes perfect sense.

Everyone’s workflow is different. And every tool was built by a person to best solve his own workflow — thus every tool is different. If you think of it, we each gravitate toward a tool that was built by a person with the workflow most similar to our own. Theoretically, a tool could be built to allow all workflows to co-exist, but I would argue it would either be extremely complicated to “teach” it your “perfect workflow”, making it very costly to set up, or it’ll just be a shitty tool — “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

While we still haven’t been able to settle on one SAAS to manage them all, My vote stands true by good ‘ol trello. Mostly I appreciate its simplicity, and un-opinionatedness. But on top of that, there’s trello’s community which created these amazing extensions that let you take trello to the next level.

Sure, it isn’t perfect. And sure, it doesn’t answer every one of the features on our wishlist. But for me it boils down to the 80–20 rule. In my opinion, trello gives us 80% of the features we need, with 20% of the effort.