In the end, the choice is yours, but don’t let your opinions be formed by the fads of the masses. Find out why companies like Google, MSN, and Vevo use Angular. Or why companies like Sony, Reddit, and Pinterest use Backbone. Or why companies like Netflix, Yahoo, and LinkedIn use Ember. There are smart people out there not choosing React. Ask yourself, why not?
Stop Using React for EVERYTHING!
Zack Argyle

Well said. Re-usability of components is only important once you reach a certain scale application. Although I code in ReactJS all day at work, when I jump into side projects I generally use angular or even vanilla JS. If you are a developer that works on many varied projects you should pretty quickly come to this realization yourself.

I do happen to love JSX though — I think from a separation of concerns standpoint it is a huge step in the right direction. The isolation of markup, logic and styles is a vestigial tailbone of the web development organism.

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