Understood that when we continue admitting a flood of unskilled, illegal immigrants from South of the border, we are setting ourselves up for disaster because (i) low-skilled jobs are already rapidly disappearing from our economy as a result of automation, so that we cannot find ways to employ people here legally, much less those who are here illegally; and (ii) such immigrants, who largely live in the shadows and remain poor, further exacerbate the problem of economic inequality and the formation of economic ghettos, destabilizing us economically and politically.
Dear Country Club Republicans: Please Reconsider … Endorse Donald Trump!
Traditional Tradesman

What makes you think that immigration is a “destabilizing economic force”? This has been disproven countless times by both left and right-wing groups.

Here is a source for you on the topic.

Another salient point is that most immigrants are not employed in low-wage jobs anymore, and have been a driving force in the US economy since it’s foundation.

Traditional Tradesman you are a descendant of immigrants to America, Donald Trump’s (current) wife is a first generation Slovenian Immigrant, many of the people paying you your paycheck bi-weekly are likely immigrants.

We gain virtually nothing by closing ourselves off to immigrants to the USA, and we will begin a cycle of harsh nationalism and xenophobia that is hard to stop.

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