2016. Catch & Release

The willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life is the source from which self-respect springs.
— Joan Didion

My internal system has glitched and it’s brought more clarity than ever. I’ve learned to catch the bold non-expected opportunities fast and also release paths that have death ends professionally and personally.

This was the year I realized I’ve made a wonderful support system in this chaotic erratic city and they come in form of a group of men and women who are brilliant. I also began to find out how I want to pursue my next years career wise, final-fucking-ly.

I’ll do a recap of my main highlights.


Not with a fizzle nor with a bang. My year started with a straight sign of how my whole year will be: a big-ass volcano pretty damn hard to climb, but I survived it with a little help from my friends and family.

The Iztaccihuatl volcano, Mexico’s third highest mountain, was in my short-term bucket list. For the past 3 years, I’ve made the goal of focusing most of my vacation travels within the country only, there’s so much to see and most of us (locals) choose to go to somewhere else more expensive and boring. It’s sad when foreigners know more about your country than you, just think about it.

My mom was visiting for New Year’s Eve celebrations and decided to join me on this little adventure. We have several things in common, like a sharp humor and low tolerance for indecisiveness, but we are not the type to get cutie patootie in family traditional activities.

Having her near me as we climb the whole damn day was an amazing experience and a sweet analogy of her role in my life, especially this year. She supported all my up and downs and the plot twists 2016 was yet to throw me in.

Isn’t it mind blowing beautiful?!!!


Make a wish when the lights go out.

My bday party was the bomb.

90’s nostalgia comes handy when your turn 25. Should I feel different now that I’m 25? Maybe I do. I didn’t feel like it was that big of a change. Although I most admit I’m starting to enjoy sheet documents more and I’ll blame it on my aging self.

I’ve never been a fan of big over the top parties, the mere thought of hosting duties gives me a headache. I decided to make an exception this year and make my Pinterest board come true and have a 90’s themed party.

With a playlist ranging from boyband ballads to mexican political hip hop, my birthday was a beautiful dazed trip with several black outs here and there.

Way too fun!

Isn’t it wonderful when people you thought wouldn’t show up at your party come?! That night I had several shocking moments meeting some pretty faces that I haven’t seen in a while.

February was all about the immense love I have for this city and the people I’ve crossed path with these past 4 years. I am so, forever grateful to this city.

These girls are my ❤


Arts & crafts season.

I’d like to make a friendly reminder that I’m a art graduate with crafty needs. Film has always been part of my life in a personal and even professional way at some points.

Since I started working at Google, film has been put in a dark corner to rest silently. Too much work, man. Adult life, man. Excuses, man.

For some time it felt liberating, like a silence retreat. You know, pretty cool for some time then you just NEED to word vomit. Every retreat has it’s end and so this one. Film’s a need that constantly knocks me off my feet.

You most think, then pursue film? Eh, like a 24hour/7day a week pursue? Not really, I love it, as a very personal pleasure. Professional, not so much, can’t stand the industry. And I have pretty strong views regarding how some processes and politics are so obsolete in the film industry.

Anyway, I decided to fill this need with an intense cinematography course at the National Arts Center. When I say intense, I really do mean intense. 7 hour daily workshop for 4 weeks intense. Worth every minute.

Something I realized is that I clash with the film crowd, we’re very unalike. My pragmatism wins me over, I guess. I think of me as an outcast in that world and it helps me feel more free towards my work.

National Arts Center

On March I also took a small vacation with my girlfriends. We visited a hippie island in the south of Mexico called Holbox.

The mixed of having the right people on this trip and the most amazing hotel made me fell in love with this little magical place.

Just imagine: a no-cars-allowed island, only golf cars and bicycles. Such a dream. I wish I could go every damn year just to grasp for a bit longer that piece of paradise.

Holbox Island.


It’s a party in the USA.

Tattoos have been present in my life when radical changes and tough decisions are just around the corner. In some way, they are part of my mental pushing process to trust the unknown, my gut and be braver.

A growing discomfort in how I was handling my career path started to grow and it was difficult to ignore. This started to reflect in my everyday behavior. I wasn’t satisfied nor content. The next months would become some of the most intense: planning, thinking back and forth in different scenarios and lots of brainstorming sessions with key mentors.

Here below is my second tattoo, a symbol of “you’re doing OK, but this is just the beginning”.

Ugh, look at the details, it’s perfect.

“You’re doing OK, but this is just the beginning”. This is the phrase my mentors may sum up all my mantras against anxiety. Having a network of mentors, a support system has branched my existence, turning plain to bold unexpected moments.

I remembered at a talk I gave in a university, a boy asked me how he could start passion projects, community focused initiatives. I compared networking and mentoring with how we make friends as adults and how we used to make friends at elementary school, even high school.

When we are kids, we live in a limited social circle, our relationships are determined by our parents routines and means. You have to make friends because well, you gotta talk to someone during lunch and team work all the time and you gotta choose from a limited pool of people. It’s survival mode most of the time. Although, let’s face it, survival mode is also the perfect way to meet long-lasting friends too.


After we graduate, specially if we move to another city, or country. YOU make the rules, you are own your own. You CAN choose what kind of people you wanna hang out with, you have a whole city to search on the perfect humans that’ll make your life better.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to people that may enrich your work and life with knowledge, wisdom and tranquility. If you think someone’s cool and can teach you something, ping him, text him, just reach out.

The Ranch at The Rock Creek, Montana, USA

In April I had the chance to travel to the most random location envisioned. After 16 hours of jumping around airports, I landed in the state of Montana. Of all places imagined I’d traveled this year, I definitely didn’t see this one coming.

Staying at The Ranch at The Rock Creek, a fairytale like location in Philipsburg was insane and meeting all my peeps from the creative Americas team was a true joy.

In a sort of way, life carries you to your destination, but in order to get there you have to kick your ass 90% of the time.

That’s me shooting for the first time and the last time a gun.


New York has all the iridescence of the beginning of the world.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald

I love New York. I should just leave it like that and move on to the next month recap, honestly.

This city makes my heart ache and burst with joy more than any other. Sorry, Mexico City, you are my home, but NYC is a never ending romance.

At Governor’s Ball 2016.

Before leaving NYC, I had the fortune to have some drinks with a handsome man. Dude, I was nervous, I was sweating and so very happy. Excited.

My hyperventilation level was so high that I didn’t even know at what bar we were, which is so wrong because that’s how kidnappings happen.

I still don’t know the bar we visited, please do remind me.

I couldn’t concentrate enough to read the goddamn menu, therefore ended ordering the same shit as you. I’m a dork.

This man might not know how important he was for me this year. He had a key role in making my career journey clearer. You’re a little genius even if you don’t see it that way. Your plans for the future got me excited and I couldn’t wait to start making mine too.

Thank you for being so kind to me.

Coney Island looking dramatic and gorgeous.


Goodbyes suck, especially if who you are saying it to has had such a big impact in your life. Google changed me, it blew my brains out, for good. When I worked in a creative agency it was good and fun, but definitely felt I was missing out a lot on the (tech) possibilities the world was putting out everyday. Google was like opening a door to a new world and discovering so much diversity: talented people, different technologies within my reach, complex developments, did I mention the AMAZING people?

Not only it helped me closed a gap I felt my vocation had but it filled it with hard-working people that always had something to teach me. Best feeling in the world is learning, getting your brain high on knowledge.

I couldn’t be more thankful to this company for changing my outlook in life and lay the groundwork for my next challenge: manage a big team.


I’m pumped on happiness. I’ll start 2017 checking a goal in my bucket list: manage a creative production team. I’ll be leading my career into more techie creative seas studying at CIID in Copenhagen and participating at MuseumNext to catch on the future of cultural institutions and their take on technology.

I’m doing OK, but this is just the beginning.