Feminism Should Come With a Warning Label
Sara Schaefer

As a man who dislike misogynistic behavior as much as any other feminist out there and who suffered a lot from being the opposite of how a man should behave, I learned to choose what battles should I fight and which I prefer not to.
Discussing feminism in an office full of misogynistic men measuring dicks all the time? Pass. If you think about it, lots of offices look like a distorted version of high school, the misogynistic twat being lousy and most likely being above others not entirely because of his abilities but because of his bigotry. I know I’ve been there. It’s hard enough to make a living working with others, let’s not give the bigots a chance to make it worse. Of course that’s my opinion, if you want to fight in those conditions be my guest but you already know how hard it is to talk with people who don’t want to listen.

Also, the whole thing of "being feminist is to defend every woman under any circumstances". No, girl, no. You should stand for people who would stand for you if necessary. You defend people based on their actions, not their gender.

Let's take Hillary for example. I'm not American (probably you already guessed that because of my rubbish-y and messy English), so I don't have to choose between Trump and Clinton (lucky me!). But honestly you really think Hillary stands for feminist principles? She is almost as misogynist as Trump. She's not honest, not with anybody else but worse, not even with herself. She defended her misogynistic husband multiple times, the same guy who had sex with an intern when at the White House. The same guy who was prosecuted for rape. I admit I don't know a lot about the case but "prosecuted" and "rape" don't go along the lines of President of the "Free World" (beware of the quotation marks), much less represent the equality feminists propose.

Standing for her husband? OK, maybe she loves him, but she didn’t only defend him, she attacked verbally other women, and she threatened them. Yeah, that’s feminism, bitch! /sarcasm

Also, as an SoS she behaved exactly like many men before her. She doesn’t discuss why the US should or shouldn’t carry X or Y military action, no, she proposes to enter Syria kicking asses and to put a no-fly zone in the backyard of the Russians. You go, girl, that’s a new! It’s completely not the same as many other misogynistic dickheads lovers of war did! NOT.

So, yeah. Sorry but Hillary Clinton is where she is now not because she’s a feminist, but because she’s as misogynist as the guy who is in the other sidewalk.

Note: I agree Clinton is the less of two evils (at least for domestic politics, not so much for Syria). It’s just she’s not anything new,stop pretending she’s progresist, feminist, all way around nice person. I would say she’s even a regression to Bush (Sr) times, Gulf War and all included.