A deeper look into why whorshipping Lenin as a hero is evil

There are lots of basement communists who at least realize that praising Mao and Stalin gives their movement a bad appearance. Even though Tankies are a large portion of the Internet,many only refrain to praising the “safe” communist idols; e.g. Marx, Engels, Trotski and Lenin. For some reasons, idolizing Lenin seems to be “accepted”.

Here I want to explain why this is wrong. Lenin was not innocent. He was evil. But nonetheless there are endless amounts of Lenin memes and spam on large places of the Internet, including Reddit, Youtube, the Chans or Tumblr.

Disclaimer: I’m German, so some sources might be German. Additionally my country’s history obviously shapes my view on communism. This is why I’m tilted enough to write this shit. (I also fucking hate Nazis as well, though, so no worries). As such , while I’m not intelectually dishonest, the whole tone of this writeup isn’t formal.

Here we go.

Firstly, Lenin was, in no particular order:

  • A war criminal
  • A pathological liar (s.b.)
  • An enemy of human rights and democracy (s.b.)

Lenin was responsible for

He even used violence, terror and murder against the proletariat itself, if they threatened his criminal dictatorship. Even strikes in the Kirov Plant of all places were violently curbed on Lenin’s command.

The required basics for Stalin’s totalitarian regimes were established by Lenin. His reign led to millions of deaths, some say up to 13 million (although his numbers are to be taken with a grain of salt).

Lenin’s Russia was the first totalitarian state in the 20th century according to one of the most renowned German historians.

Lenin speaking in 1919

In spring 1921 the war was effecively won and the communist party was on a crossroad. Lenin and Trotzki (another mass murderer) had long ago promised Democracy and calls for decentralization and democratization became more vocal in the party base. Even Lenin himself began to rethink his ideology and some historians like Wolfgang Leonhardt argue that he wanted to limit the terror after the civil war and instead wanted to use political courts.

But Lenin didn’t use this chance to redeem himself. No, in fact quite the opposite. Again, he murdered those who disagreed, he reintroduced the State Police under a new name and gave them all the essential power to continue their reign of terror. He didn’t want the teror to end

Lenin was no hero. He was a ruthless, criminal dictator.