“Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general”
- Mark Rippetoe

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Here’s a big picture question for the ages:

Are you strong enough to survive the zombie apocalypse? Could you fend off the zombies and be prepared to do the same thing the next day… and every day after that?

The zombies may not be coming tomorrow, but you never know. (Zombies can sneak up on you.) My point is that it’s always best to prepare for the worst so you can be ready for ANYTHING life throws at you.

When it comes to fitness, strength is the foundation that allows you to do everything else better. That’s why you need to get strong first. …

Call them “Lost Warriors.”

They go too hard too often and end up sabotaging themselves. I know all about Lost Warriors because I used to be one myself.

But I found the cure — and so can you.

Lost Warriors are anything but lazy. They know a lot about training and nutrition and are often highly disciplined. They have plenty of ambition but struggle to correctly align goals with actions.

Lost Warriors go hard for a while, then back off due to injury or discouragement when the PRs stop arriving like clockwork. That was me.

Maybe you’re a bit different. Maybe you’re new to training and are going hard right out of the gate. You get crushed. But oddly enough the endorphins kicked in, and you love it. …


Erwin Regidor

Erwin Regidor is a scotch-loving personal trainer and online fitness coach living in Shanghai. He loves the Dodgers, Lakers, French Bulldogs and Filipino food.

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