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Excited to be a part of this momentous event!

But wait, there’s more! Much more. Alfa-Enzo will be bringing with us a very interesting product. Stay tuned to see what the guests and panelists have to say in response. We will be posting pictures of the products in this publications. Let’s rock and roll!

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VTV3 Morning Coffee Show—Hanoi, Vietnam

Our data is getting more concentrated in the hands of a few large institutions while the threat of corruption, theft, sale, and loss grows. We rely on centralised institutions to store important data:

Shopping habits
Browsing history
Medical information
Driving history
Bank records
Trading history
Credit scores

Where does Social Media go from here?

A view of the world — a paradigm — will endure until it cannot explain new evidence. The paradigm must then shift to include that new information. We are now seeing a paradigm shift in the ways that organizations balance stability and dynamism.

What if Advertising Revenue went to the Social Good? Global advertising spend is around $558 Billion. What if some of the profits went to basic income instead of corporations, shareholders and executives?

What if the entire internet was more transparent, trustworthy, decentralized and benefits the collective good.

How will a basic income or unconditional universal stipend (UUS) actually scale? …

The results of our tokenomics scorecard shows why we’re one of the best projects to date.

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Photo by Thomas Lambert on Unsplash

According to William Mougayar in his post on tokenomics, the following questions will provide a rough overview of the the viability and resilience of a DAO’s Token-to-Market fit. Given the size and scope of our project, the answer to these questions provide the most cogent summary of our proposals to deliver a decentralized economy.

Let’s give it a spin and see how we muster on the scoreboard.

1. Is the token tied to a product usage, i.e. does it give the user exclusive access to it, or provide interaction rights to the product?

Our token is rooted to the entire value chain of the ecosystem. It is designed under a formulaic rigor to drive our vision of a truly decentralized economy and elevate global crypto-adoption. …

A succinct break-down of Alfa-Enzo to plain English

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It’s not that we’ve been having a lot of trouble explaining to the world what we’re working on—we just didn’t know where to begin. Rightfully so, this project presents an entire body of work that spanned two years and focused the entirety of our high-caliber team’s collective experience into very simple consumer end products.

So what exactly is Alfa-Enzo?

Well for starters, we are the next Social Network. We believe the origin of social networking started at marketplaces—think Souq, Farmer’s Markets, Bazaars, Silk Road, Gostiny Dvor, Agoras, the Forums etc.—these places were the heartbeat of entire civilizations. So to us, who you’re connected to is technically not relevant. In fact, it might be unatural as we’re naturally networked creatures. To scale that down to 500 friends is totally off. Marketplaces are built on two things, Time and Place. We want to take things back to the roots of social connection by using today’s technology to enable markets to spring out from everywhere. …

Answers to General Questions about this project

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These are answers to questions on what our project is all about. For in-depth reading, please head to the docs part of our site Ask more questions at

What is the project about?

We are building the world’s largest decentralized economy.

What makes this project different?

There is no magic in blockchain, anybody with programming experience can build a blockchain. On top of that, blockchains are made for engineers and not the people (“mere mortals” as Steve Jobs calls them) who actually drive a decentralized economy.

We’re different because we’re releasing real products with valuable patented intellectual properties that can drive our thesis along. We’re looking at the equation from a true economic standpoint and seeing how can can fully disrupt decentralized ecosystems. We’re different because we’re creating end-to-end products for the blockchain that’s relatable and usable. …

A first look at the only app you’ll ever need for anything and everything

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All the biggest social networks — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest — have experimented with social commerce (i.e. selling products via social media), but largely with mixed results. Even Amazon tried to get into the game with its brand-based social network called Spark, which was simply DOA. Alfa-Enzo introduces Alfa, a new geosocial social commerce network that could change everything, and the best part is that it’s on the blockchain.

Alfa = Snapchat + Pinterest + Facebook + Craigslist + MeetUp + Instagram + Twitter + Blockchain

The first thing you’ll notice about Alfa is that it looks almost like Pinterest. And some of the language used by critics to describe Alfa — “a hyperlocal discovery social calendaring network” — sounds unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. That’s because it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s almost as if the mobile app designers at Alfa-Enzo had every social app in mind when they designed Alfa. …


Alfa, Inc.

Beyond Social.

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