BitCaD Encrypted Smart Platform


It is present to us users of the world of cryptocurrency. A platform that offers new businesses as well as intelligent encrypted platforms. This platform is certainly much in demand. In the world of cryptocurrency itself BitCaD is in trust by businessmen or investors. Because the BitCaD project itself is really in demand. Interestingly BitCaD is currently successful in ICO despite its unfinished ICO. Why I say success? BitCaD has gained a considerable amount of investment from its investors. It’s great.

What is the mission of BitCaD? All of you must be curious. I’ll tell you a bit about the BitCaD Mission.

BitCAD’s mission is to create a smart platform for multi-stakeholder participation, where users automate routine processes and find performers for any tasks. The developers create business models adapted in any legal systems and languages ​​that can be replicated for a good commission around the world. Business and technology always straining to each other. With BitCAD, they merged into each other.

BitCAD — is people. Lawyers, programmers and analysts who are located around the world and can solve the problems for your business. Just set the task — and all the rest will be done by the system. Scan the network, find the contractor, conclude a smart contract and control the performance. The only thing you will have to do is to apply the ready-made solution.

BitCAD is a set of functions in one service. It`s a platform for finding contractors for any tasks and ready-made business models, with automated workflow. Project management and dispute resolution systems, single electronic legal language, automatic online accounting and the payment system — all of it is the BitCAD.

BitCaD is created and designed by a great and professional team. The team that made BitCaD the way it is today. BitCaD’s success is the result of the hard work of the team and also of the investors or businessmen. Let’s take a look at the BitCaD team.

BitCaD Team :

  • Vlad Mitrofanov, Founder & CEO BitCAD
  • Andrey Printsev, Development & Architecture
  • Eugeniy Ilyushin, Development
  • Konstantin Pozdnyakov, Development & Architecture
  • Geraklit Geraklitov, Lead Developer
  • Dmitriy, Chief Scientist
  • Farit Kadyrov, CEO Zvook
  • Gumar Kadyrov, CEO Tectum
  • Farit Ismagilove, Social research, Business Angel
  • Adel Zalyaev, Project management
  • Kristina Fedulova, Lawyer BitCAD
  • Dobrynya Churkin, Design & Identity

Are you interested in joining BitCaD. Of course you will be very interested because BitCaD is very successful in the launch of ICO. If you are interested immediately join BitCaD. You can also invest in BitCaD. And you can download Whitepaper BitCaD to read more details about BitCaD.

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