I have drawn my family portrait since I was three and here what it looks like!

Jul 28, 2018 · 2 min read

My family in 1990: The three years old me draws my mama and papa: what my family was like before my arrival:

My family in 1992: I am five years old, here is my mama, papa and I:

My family in 1997: I am ten years old, and we have a new addition to our family:

My family in 2001: I am 14 and my little sister is exactly half of my age and size:

My family in 2014: Yes, the baldy in the middle is me: I am twenty seven and I am going through an existential crisis:

My family in 2018: Today I have 2 mamas, 2 papas, 2 sisters, 2 cats and 2 most favourite men! In China the auspicious character 囍 symbolizes marriage and literally means “double happiness”. Well, i think i know now why!! :-D

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