Framing the Debate

Comparing two things is hard enough but when you are trying to compare to athletes that have similar aspects and playstyles in a sport, then it gets really tough to pick a side because you don’t want to cause drama or any argument of that matter. In sports, anyone whether it is media or the fans people will try to compare one person to the other which does ignite many to argue or especially criticize their play. Today in the sports world, we do see this especially when we compare Michael Jordan and Lebron James because the similarities on the basketball court. Here in this debate there are obviously to given sides whether it is to take the side of the Hall of Famer Michael Jordan and the soon to become Hall of Famer in Lebron James.

There was an interview that ESPN aired and children K-12 many were asking Michael Jordan questions about basketball and also about his personal life. The question that caught him by suprise was “would he beat Lebron in a one on one and of course he picked himself by saying “ No question. Here is the example from the interview that ESPN aired.

Over the course of Jordan’s career he averaged, 30.1 points per game, 6.2 rebounds per game, and 5.3 assists per game. Keep in mind Jordan quit basketaball for about a year and came back with out any rust from the game.

Lebron was asked similar question here in an article by Sports Illustrated , “LeBron James believes he could beat Michael Jordan in his prime”, talks about the interview that the Today show had with Lebron and how he thinks he can beat Jordan in one vs one if it happened back when they were both in their primes. In this interview, we have Willie Giest who represents Today Show as the one interviewing Lebron and an example of Lebron picking himself is

As we can see Lebron isn’t lighting a fire but obviously like many people when they go head to head with one another they would pick themselves, which Lebron obviously said. Lebron thoughout his averages 27.2 Points Per Game, 7.2 Rebounds Per Game and finally, 6.9 Assists per game.

In this debate you will see whether LeBron James has surpassed Michael Jordan as the all time or is Michael Jordan still “crowned” as being the best in the game.

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