20 Advices on How to Use Product Images at E-Commerce Sites

A buyer makes the choice using his/her eyes — the images of a product are of high importance in E-Commerce.

When used in an efficient way, the pictures of goods can present important information about product/goods for a buyer. For some categories of goods, an image is the main source of information for a buyer.

Moreover, photos of goods help customers to choose goods which are most suitable for them.

For sellers, efficient use of product’s image can raise sales volume and decrease the number of product returns, and also to increase the average purchase receipt.

In this article we will discuss how e-commerce sites and online stores can use images for promotion of their goods.

  1. First Product Photo

Pay special attention to the image which is shown first — product preview.
The first product photo is the first impression of the product itself; unfold the product’s features at the first sight.

2) Fascinate the buyer right away

The buyer makes the choice using his/her eyes — add as many as 2 product photos for view at the product page, and the buyer is already yours.

3) Zoom-in product image

In order to get a better understanding of the product’s appearance its details have to be shown which may have significant importance for the buyer when making the choice. The texture of the material from which the product is manufactured or small details of the product can be seen only on zoom-in image.

4) Product from different angles

Show the product from different camera angles and perspectives. The more images of the product you show, the less questions the buyer will have. The buyer has to visually imagine the product dressed by him/her — if it is dress or shoes, for example.

If it is a handbag for mother — show the inner appearance of the handbag.

5) Photo as an addition to the product’s description

Often, the product conceals important information in itself — show it to the buyer.

Fore example, that may be a photo where the laundry conditioner’s ingredients is shown (which substances are included to the formula), and that is an important information for the buyer because it may be not present at the product description page.

6) Product sets

Show the buyer his trendy image in the form of a set of products and increase the average purchase receipt.

Also, offer the accessories for the product right away — that will raise your sales.

7) The size matters

Which volume of perfume you usually buy? 50 or 100 ml. Show bottles of different volumes at the product’s page — that will provide the freedom of choice to the buyer.

8) Nice story about the product

Tell the buyer a nice story about the product: add delicious recipes for cooking dishes from cornflakes and sell more cornflakes.

9) High quality of product photos

As a rule, the higher is the quality of the image, the more users view the product; show your product from its best side. Having uploaded an image of higher quality you can significantly increase the efficiency of sales of your online store.

10) Rare image of the product

The image of the product made from different perspectives provides more information about the product. On the example of shoes, where it is possible to add a rare image, for example, the sole of a sport shoe (many online stores ignore that).

11) Images of the product at the categories’ pages

Images of the product at the categories’ pages are the first buyer’s impression of the product. Using dynamic display of the product photos (the image’s perspective is changed when rolling over it) encourages the buyer to move to the product page or to open the product quick preview directly from the product category.

12) Quick preview of the product

Save the buyer’s time, give the customer the possibility to view the product image and its brief description in 1 click.

13) Recently viewed products

Users of online stores often want to return to previously viewed products in order to check whether the characteristics of the previous product are comparable to those of the newly viewed product, to compare the two products before making the decision about purchasing one of them.

The product range in online stores is usually large, and it is easy for the buyer to forget which products he/she viewed and chose earlier. The photos of the products which were viewed recently is a perfect way to remind the buyer of his/her will to purchase a product.

14) Show the way in which the product can be used

Well thought-out image of a product may show not only the product itself, but may also demonstrate the use of it. Of course, the video about the product can make it in a more efficient way, but this post is about images.

Smart cattle — using a smartphone and a mobile application enabling the remote adjustment of water heating from any place at home. After viewing the product’s photo everything will become clear about how the product operates.

Patterns from vegetables

15) Tasty images

If your product looks perfect, you have to impart its image to the buyer, so it would run in hi/her head. Impart the product’s smell, style and texture through the photo.

Tasty images have to be used for exclusive products. This Ralph Lauren watch look really gorgeous:

16) Show the product’s distinctive features

Using images is a perfect way to show the product’s distinctive features. There is no need to search for the information about the product to find out its distinctive features — the photo will show everything itself.

For example, the size (depth/height/width) of a sideboard for your home.

Armchair for your sitting-room

17) Image in search results

Images of products in the online store’s search is a visual hint which will help the buyer to find the product he/she needs.

18) Information related to images

Images of the product sometimes cannot give all the information needed by the buyer. On the example of dress, in the text description the online shop specifies the parameters of the model girl posing in a dress: the model’s height is 180 cm, she wares X-Small size.

19) 360 degrees product view

Give the buyer the possibility to turn the product by 360 degrees. That will allow to see the details of the product in zoom-in view — enliven your product.

20) Images from real customers

Images from real customers demonstrating your product — that will add loyalty at your product pages. Show how your product looks in real life. People tend to imitate other people — that increases brand loyalty and raises sales.

The image of a product is a flexible tool for e-commerce merchandising which is capable of solving various business tasks. The efficient use of the product’s image by the sellers will help to attract and maintain the buyers’ attention, to make the goods more attractive and to provide the buyers with a new and important information which influences the choice of a product.

Thank you.

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